10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Quilters love to make quilts for kids. From sweet baby quilts to bright and colorful designs for little ones, there is no shortage of adorable patterns you can make for children. But, youd be hard-pressed to find a cuter, more imaginative collection of childrens quilts than those featured in the book Happy Quilts! by Antonie Alexander. Featuring 10 whimsical, kid-themed quilts (and coordinating soft toys for each quilt), this book features cats, dogs, robots, superheroes, princesses and more!

Antonie is an Australian designer who has been sewing since she was a child. When my children were born, I started making fun, happy quilts and soft toys for them, she says in the books introduction. I was thrilled to see them dragging their quilts and soft toys around, making blanket forts to play in, snuggling with them when they were sleepy or sick. It never mattered if they got dirty; a quick cycle in the washing machine and they were clean again. My quilts and soft toys are made to be used and, most of all, loved.

That they are! These quilts are pure joy. But dont just take my word for it. Look at them:

HappyQuilts dog 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Hound Dogs quilt

Hound Dogs quilt:How cute are these happy hound dogs? The blocks are all similar, but all the little details (the bones, the stars, the spots, the fun fabric choices) make each one look so unique! And the coordinating Hound Dog soft toy is sure to have a special spot in any childs toy collection. The finished size of the quilt is 56 1/2 x 72 1/2.

HappyQuilts Sea 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

The Deep Blue Sea quilt

The Deep Blue Sea quilt:Happy fish of various sizes swim through the deep blue sea on this magical quilt. Make the coordinating Mermaid and Merboy soft toys for some make-believe underwater fun. The finished size of the quilt is 55 1/2 x 55 1/2.

HappyQuilts Superheroes 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Bedtime Superheroes quilt

Bedtime Superheroes quilt:What little one doesnt dream of being a superhero? This darling quilt design features a whole host of heroes, plus there are coordinating Superboy and Supergirl Bedtime Superhero soft toys. Finished size of the quilt is 58 1/2 x 58 1/2.

happy quilts farm 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Windy Hill Farm quilt

Windy Hill Farm quilt:Sheep, pigs, chickens, horses and more the gangs all here on this farm-themed quilt! A pinwheel border completes the design and the coordinating Penny the Pig soft toy is sure to bring smiles. The quilt finishes at 60 1/2 x 72 1/2.

HappyQuilts Bear2 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Snuggle Bears quilt

Snuggle Bears quilt:Every little one needs a teddy bear to snuggle with why not make a whole quilt of snuggly bears and the soft toy? As with all the quilts in this book, the details are adorable. Some of the bears have bows, some have glasses, some have bees buzzing around them as they try to get some honey! The quilt finishes at 55 1/2 x 55 1/2.

HappyQuilts Race 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Speedy Racers quilt

Speedy Racers quilt:Kids who love anything with wheels are sure to adore this fun race car quilt. Four-patch blocks combine with appliqu stars and speedy cars to create the cute design. The coordinating soft toy for this one is a Speedy Racer. Is there anything Antonie didnt think of when designing these cute quilts? Finished size is 57 1/2 x 60 1/2.

HappyQuilts WildThings 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Wild Things quilt

Wild Things quilt:The friendly monsters on this quilt and soft toy are sure to spark some imaginative play time. The finished size of the quilt is 54 1/2 x 54 1/2.

HappyQuilts pincesses 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Tiny Princesses quilt

Tiny Princesses quilt:For the little princess in your life, make this royally cute quilt featuring 16 unique, tiny princesses. And dont forget the Tiny Princess soft toys choose from two different princesses, or make them both. Finished size is 60 1/2 x 60 1/2.

HappyQuilts Kitty 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Purrfectly Pretty Kitties quilt

Purrfectly Pretty Kitties quilt: Cat lovers of all ages will adore this quilt. Pretty kitties play in a garden of flowers and nine patch quilts, and the coordinating Miss Kitty soft toy makes the perfect feline companion. The finished size of the quilt is 63 x 75 1/2.

HappyQuilts Robots 10 Happy Quilts for Kids

Little Robots quilt

Little Robots quilt:Happy retro-inspired robots are featured on the last quilt pattern and coordinating soft toy in the book. Did you notice the dog and cat robots hiding on the first two rows? Too precious! The finished size of this quilt is 55 1/2 x 67 1/2.

The projects are easy to make and ideal for confident beginners and experienced sewists alike. Patterns and templates for all the quilts and soft toys are included with the book, as well asquilting, piecing, appliqu and finishing instructions. Antonie also shares techniques for successful quilt and soft toy making, a guide to fusible web appliqu,stitching techniques, embroidery stitches and more. Plus, she has lots of quick tips sprinkled throughout the book to help you through your happy quilting journey.

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