The joy that quilting brings can be shared and poured into each and every stitch of these quilted treasures.

To begin, weve included two easy baby quilt patterns that are so simple, a beginner could complete them in a weekend. The patchwork pattern has only five steps and utilizes printed cotton and batik dot fabric to create a modern treasure. Then work on your machine quilting skills with the Go to Sleep design. Once youve mastered these two easy baby quilts you might be up for one of our two more challenging patterns. Mini Modern Landscape uses angled fabric pieces and machine stitching to create a whimsical scene. Or, if you are looking for a quilt with fun texture and design, look no further than the hexagon pattern.

Whether you choose one or make them all, you are sure to find the perfect baby quilt pattern to fit your needs. Download all four today for free!

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Get all four of these free baby quilt patterns with this download.

Learn how to make a baby quilt using a variety of quilting designs and techniques!

Dont miss this opportunity to get expert instruction, beautiful baby quilt ideas, and get helpful quilting tips from these experts. Whether you have been making them for years, or are just starting out, this free eBook will show you four fun ways to make handmade baby gifts for the bundles of joy in your life. Embrace the love and joy of making quilts for babies when you download this collection today!

Baby Quilt Pattern: Mini Hexagonal Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

Project #1

Mini Hexagonal Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

This baby quilt pattern is a fun stash-busting project using a modern approach to traditional piecing. To give it a contemporary feel, Malka divided each hexagon into three super sized string-pieced sections. The strings lend a scrappy quality while her color choices have modern appeal, packing a powerful visual punch to the finished quilt.

Easy Baby Quilts: Go to Sleep Baby Quilt by Denyse Schmidt

Project #2

Go to Sleep Baby Quilt by Denyse Schmidt

Send a calming message to sleep with this easy baby quilts pattern! This crib sized quilt sends a sweet, simple message in cheery, bright letters. Both the letters and machine-quilted background can be created in a multitude of colors, to add just the right touch.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns: Patchwork Baby Quilt by Sheree Schattenmann

Project #3

Patchwork Baby Quilt by Sheree Schattenmann

A favorite of our baby quilt patterns for beginners, this design is so easy you could put it together in a weekend. Strips of printed cotton are pieced together then framed by a coordinating batik dot fabric. With only five steps from start to finish, you will have a quilt whipped up in no time

Baby Quilt Ideas: Rolling on Through, Mini Modern Landscape Quilt by Krista Fleckenstein

Project #4

Rolling on Through: Mini Modern Landscape Quilt by Krista Fleckenstein

Simple piecing allows the design elements to shine through without overcomplicating the pattern. Go with the bike theme or replace it with your favorite fabric, embroidery, or custom print message. Along with this design youll also find instructions to help refine your machine stitching and line work.

What are you waiting for? Get four of our favorite quilt designs for making handmade baby gifts today!

Quilts make wonderful gifts for babies, and the smaller size makes them the perfect quick project. With a variety of designs to choose from in this collection, there is sure to be a quilt that you can create or customize to fit your needs.

Select similar fabrics to those suggested, or adapt the fabric choices to suit your tastes. Wondering how to make a baby quilt extra special? Weve got suggestions for small changes using embroidery and finishing techniques, or add a personal touch by free-motion stitching. No matter which of these you decide to make, you are sure to end up with a one-of-a-kind quilt that will be loved for generations. Download this free pattern collection to get started today!

Get two baby quilt patterns for beginners in this collection, including this sleep quilt.

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