Making a patchwork quilt? Check out these 6 free designs for handmade patchwork quilts!

With this free download you will learn how to think outside the box to create finished patchwork quilts that are completely original. Malka Dubrawsky shares three of her small patchwork patterns to help you brush up on hexagon and log cabin piecing, as well as strip quilting. Learn to recycle neckties for use in your new quilts with Jeannie Palmer Moores method. For those old or discarded quilts you have laying around, use Annette Morgans reworking technique to create an entirely new design. Finally, learn from Aimee Raymond how to make patchwork quilt designs using those delicious fabric jelly rolls.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced master of the quilt patchwork process, this free eBook is sure to be one you turn to again and again for direction and inspiration. Get started with fresh ideas when you download this free collection of free patchwork quilt patterns today.

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Create beautiful contemporary and modern patchwork quilts with the help of this free eBook!
Create each of these patchwork quilt patterns, free with this download!

Discover modern patchwork projects that will have your sewing needles humming!

Patchwork is great for using leftover bits of materials and fabric, and for exploring new techniques. With this free download, youll not only learn how to make a patchwork quilt but youll find our best tips and techniques to help you be successful. Simply enter your email to download for free today!

Patchwork Quilting-Piecing: Inside Out Mini Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

Quilt #1

Inside Out Mini Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

The inspiration for this quilt happened while Malka was at her ironing board, pressing a log cabin block on the wrong side. Struck by the visual interest created by the raw edges and stitching lines on the wrong side of the quilt, she designed this little patchwork quilt to celebrate whats usually hidden. The combination of improvisational piecing; simple graphic prints and solids; and of course, the texture of those raw edges create a unique finished quilt.

Patchwork Patterns: Mini Hexagon Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

Quilt #2

Mini Hexagon Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

This wee hexagon quilt is a great stash-busting project as well as a wonderful opportunity to learn about setting in seams. Unlike many quilt tops involving hexagons, this one is machine pieced rather than hand sewn. Once you get the hang of the technique, it goes together quickly. This pattern is sure to please, with its dramatically simple design and great use of color. Indulge your love of patchwork and quilting and learn how to quilt hexagons the easy way with this pattern.

Upcycled Patchwork Projects: Out of the Dustbin Quilts by Annette Morgan

Quilt #3

Out of the Dustbin Quilts by Annette Morgan

What do you do with quilts that, in your estimation, have gone wrong? Perhaps you dont like the color, shape, quilting design, or the fabric you have used. How about those quilts that are beyond repair? Using techniques like fabric painting and collage designing you can give new life to old quilts. Patchwork quilting has never been so easy!

Modern Patchwork Quilts: A New Twist on Using Men's Ties in Quilts by Jeannie Palmer Moore

Quilt #4

A New Twist on Using Mens Ties in Quilts by Jeannie Palmer Moore

Digging into old wicker chest from her studio Jeannie discovered hundreds of very retro, bright, colorful, beautiful, stunning, and hilarious mens ties. This got Jeannie thinking about using these old articles of clothing in her modern patchwork designs, and inspired her to come up with this fun process. Learn how to use old clothing and neckties in your own patchwork quilts when you download this pattern.

Baby Patchwork Quilt: Inside Out Hexagon Baby Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

Quilt #5

Inside Out Hexagon Baby Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

This fun, stash-busting patchwork quilt pattern uses a modern approach to traditional piecing. To give it a contemporary feel, Malka divided each hexagon into three supersized string-pieced sections. The strings lend a scrappy quality while her color choices have modern appeal, packing a powerful visual punch to the finished quilt patchwork. Along with the pattern, you will find instructions for learning strip quilting and strip piecing techniques.

Strip Quilting: Stacked Coins Quilt by Aimee Raymond

Quilt #6

Stacked Coins Quilt by Aimee Raymond

The colored blocks in Aimees inspired quilt resemble a stack of coins, and only look complicated to put together. In this article, she shows you how to make a wonderful patchwork design using precut jelly rolls and sashing strips. Create a fast and fabulous quilt with this fun project.

Add these patchwork patterns to your life with this exclusive free download!

Brush off those techniques you havent used in a while, or learn a few new ones with the help of these quilt experts. Learn how to make patchwork quilt designs using improvisational stitching, jelly rolls, and strips. Get advice on surface design, cutting, and piecing techniques and expand your skills. But the learning doesnt stop there; use the inspiration from these patchwork quilt patterns to create your own beautiful designs. When you combine your love of patchwork and quilting with this collection, you will find the possibilities endless.

Create this raw edge patchwork quilt, free project!

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