You can never have too many bags, and here is your opportunity to add seven quilted bags to your collection! Our team picked out some of our favorite bags and put them together in this wonderful free collection. Anyone who loves the art of handmade quilting (and beautiful quilted bags) is sure to love this eBook.

This isnt your Grandmas quilt (though people will treasure it just the same). This is quilt art! Not only is it modern and absolutely beautiful, its a small quilt masterpiece that makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love. This collection of handmade fabric bag patterns is gorgeousand has a beautiful design for everyone! Each design is a small quilt masterpiece that will have friends and family begging you to make one for them. Download this free eBook to get these handmade bags patterns today!

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Dont you love it when someone makes you a special gift? Something unique, personal, and perfectly suited to you? Well, the best way to inspire that creative spirit in others is to make something special for the people on your list. Everyone deserves a little pampering every now and again. Spoil yourself or someone else by giving the gift of handmade! Youll find joy and inspiration in each quilted handbag or quilted tote bag pattern included in this collection.

Quilted Purse Patterns: Pretty Purses by Melanie Testa

Pattern #1

Pretty Purses by Melanie Testa

Heres a quick and easy idea for giftsquilted purses. Each one you create is more fun than the next. And because theyre made from a quilted sandwich, there are numerous options for personalizing them. Melanie starts with one of her wholecloth painted fabrics and free-motion quilts it to enhance the painted design. However, you can use any fabrics for your own quilted purse patterns!

Quilted Handbags: Classic Evening Bags (blue, yellow and purple) by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Pattern #2, #3, #4

Classic Evening Bags (blue, yellow and purple) by Susan Brubaker Knapp

These quilted purse patterns make great accessories, as you can construct them in any fabric to match your holiday ensemble, whether its funky or elegant, artsy or casual. Add surface design elements to dress up your bag, or go without and keep it simple and speedy. Then choose from a long strap (for a ), a short one, or none at all.

Handmade Bags Patterns: Mini Messenger Bag by LuAnne Hedblom

Pattern #5

Mini Messenger Bag by LuAnne Hedblom

The mini messenger quilted tote bag featured here is a quick and simple project. However, you may need to print your inkjet collage a day ahead of sewing to allow sufficient time for the ink to dry, depending on which type of inkjet cotton quilt sheet you use.

Quilted Bag: Easy and Elegant Quilted Bag by Linda & Laura Kemshall

Pattern #6

Easy & Elegant Quilted Bag by Linda & Laura Kemshall

If youre a lover of gorgeous stitched, quilted bags but the thought of constructing one seems daunting, this might be just the answer you need. This embellished, triangular bag is inspired by the traditional, tribal hanging bags of India. They have the simplest possible pattern, meaning that after you have enjoyed creating the handmade appliqu, embroidery, quilting, and embellishment, they can be constructed in no time.

Quilted Tote Bag: Artful Eco Bag by Kelli Nina Perkins

Pattern #7

Artful Eco Bag by Kelli Nina Perkins

Weve all become more aware of the impact of plastic grocery bags on the environment, and the kindest thing we can do is to replace them with a reusable alternative. Everyone from moms to students can appreciate these little bags, with lots of room for groceries, library books, or art supplies. You can whip them up in no time, so plan to make a few for yourself as well. The best part is that you can roll them up and tuck them into your purse or glove box, so theyre always handy for impromptu market strolls. If they get soiled, pop them in the washing machine and theyre ready for the next trip.

Why wait? Start your favorite quilted bag pattern today!

Who doesnt love a great bag? And a handmade quilted bag youve created yourself ranks right up there with the most stylish designer bag money can buy. Imagine the compliments youll get as you take your creation out and about to gatherings with friends and family.

Whether you choose to make all of them, or have a special favorite you cant get enough of, this collection of quilted bags patterns is sure to be one you turn to again and again. Best of all, its absolutely FREE!

With the fabric bag patterns you can whip up totes for yourself and friends in a snap.

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