When it comes to quilting, stitchery is like the icing on the cake. After all the piecing is complete quilters use sewing techniques, needle and thread, to add a final element of design, texture, and color, truly bringing the piece to life. That is why Quilting Daily has put together this amazing free eBook, entirely dedicated to fine sewing technique.

Whether you are sewing by hand or using a sewing machine, sewing fabric is always a soothing and rhythmic process. Cuddle up on the sofa for some hand sewing, or get lost in the steady flow of your machine as fabric slides beneath its needle. Download your free eBook today and load up on new sewing ideas and sewing tips from the experts.

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Free guide to fine sewing techniques and stitchery fun for quilters.
Get instructions for how to sew quilts like these with this free collection of articles.

For all your sewing quilting stitching needs, this free eBook is second to none!

In this free download weve put together four perfect sewing projects to help guide you further along your quilt sewing journey. Plus, bonus stitch samplers help you practice your sewing, quilting, and stitchery skills. Get instructions for how to sew unique stitches that are sure to impress, plus expand your sewing technique knowledge, when you download this free eBook.

Hand Sewing Tips: Transform a Quilt with Hand Stitching by Laura Wasilowski

Article #1

Transform a Quilt with Hand Stitching by Laura Wasilowski

This article will teach you how to take a flat, uninteresting quilt top and bring the quilt surface to life. Discover different hand sewing techniques and add color, texture, and pattern to the surface of your art quilts. Wasilowski uses hand stitching in four basic ways to enhance quilt tops and youll learn them all along with helpful sewing tips.

Sewing Fabric Samplers: Retro-Inspired Stitch Samplers by Jackie Cardy

Article #2

Retro-Inspired Stitch Samplers by Jackie Cardy

Combine fabrics, threads, and stitches and discover new ways to satisfy your creative needs. Cardy gives excellent step-by-step sewing instructions on how to assemble your own dyed fabric and backgrounds together to create a stitch sampler. Learn to sew as many as you can create with all different colors and designs.

Sewing Instructions for Painting with Pattern Stitches by Carole Redlich

Article #3

Painting with Pattern Stitches by Carole Redlich

This free article offers new ideas based on the sewing machine stitch patterns you may have on your machine. Add personality and fun to your quilt by using a unique quilting stitch or two. Select stitches and learn to sew them in blocks to see the resultant character: wavy, block, net, zigzag, lace.

Thread Sewing Techniques: Thread Painting 101 by Terry White

Article #4

Thread Painting 101 by Terry White

Variegated, colored cotton threads are toys for thread painters. The many effects one can achieve by paying some attention to the color changes are magical. The mix of these threads can add complexity and interest to a simple shape. Knowledge of basic thread painting and machine quilting is required to follow Whites sewing instructions. However, be prepared to find yourself thrilled with what you can create.

What are you waiting for? All these techniques for sewing fabric are at your fingertips, download them free today!

This free eBook contains detailed quilt sewing instructions to enhance your stitch-work and allow you to learn to sew to your hearts content. Heres what youll find inside:

  • Laura Wasilowski shows you how to use hand stitches to add vibrancy and color.
  • Then, Jackie Cardy shares sewing tips on how to create samplers inspired by mid-century motifs.
  • For those wondering about all your machines programmed pattern stitches, youll love Carole Redlichs article.
  • Finally, Terry White describes the basics of painting with thread, and shares one of her patterns to get you going.

Learn new ways to take advantage of your sewing machine pattern stitches and discover surprising results. Experiment with thread painting, adding complexity and interest to your shapes. The possibilities are limitless when you download this free guide.

Learn to sew amazing stitches like this to add to all your quilts.

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