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Like always, the Quilty May/June 2017 issue comes to you full of beginner-friendly, modern patterns that are easy to adapt for any quilt-lover in your life. As someone who is frequently asked to help someone take their first baby steps in quiltmaking, I love turning to Quilty as the ideal quilting reference guide and intro into pattern reading. Quilty truly is the best place to find modern quilt patterns for beginners.

IMHO, one of the keys to an amazing beginner quilt pattern is that it needs to be easy, but it shouldn’t look that way. In baking, us beginners whip out some slice-and-bake cookies, shake on some sprinkles and put them on a fancy tray. In quilting, we look for a slice-and-bake pattern that utilizes unique fabric placement or other clever tricks that make the end product look like a work of art.

One of my favorite examples in this issue is the In the Middle quilt. When you break this pattern down, it’s composed of just rows of triangles. But, man oh man—does fabric make a difference! Even though the blocks are super easy to sew, the impact is huge by using rainbow fabrics and creating a geometric unit in the center. So, so cool—and still perfect for a beginner.

In the Middle - Modern quilt patterns for beginners

Another great example of this is the absolutely stunning Ice Cream Supreme quilt. This quilt uses graphic color placement in tandem with one large block. This makes for a stunning result without being super complicated to stitch.

Ice Cream Supreme - Modern quilt patterns for beginners

And don’t forget—“easy” doesn’t necessarily mean “fast.” If you have a little more leisure time to spend with your machine, you may enjoy sewing Dexter or Emerald City. Both of these gorgeous quilts are still great for beginners with simple sewing and straight forward piecing; however, with more cuts and more seams comes a larger time commitment. So, savor your sewing and don’t be afraid to tackle the quilts you love, even if they are a little more time consuming.

But let’s be real—sometimes, every quilter is going to need to whip up a super fast quilt. Usually we’ve let the days slip by a little too quickly and suddenly that baby quilt we had 9 months to make needs to be done in 9 days. In those cases, we need something fast. One of my favorite quick quilts in this issue is Facets. Super modern and graphic, this quilt will stitch together quickly and is perfect for showing off your current favorite fabric line.

Facets - Modern quilt patterns for beginners

If you’re looking for some handwork to take with you on an upcoming summer vacation, look no further. English paper piecing shows up in two patterns in the issue, as in the stunning Parisian Posies quilt, and is the perfect portable sewing project.

Parisian Posies Quilt - Modern quilt patterns for beginners

There are plenty more quilts where these came from in the May/June issue of Quilty—not to mention great articles, tips and tricks, starter techniques, and more. Whether you need something fast, slow, or to take on-the-go, we’ve got you covered!

Kelly Biscopink - Quilty Contributing EditorHappy Stitching!


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