2803: Quilting with Non-Cotton Fabrics (Piecing with Alternative Fabrics) – Fons & Porter

Episode 2803 Description and Preview

As quilters, we work with cotton fabrics a majority of the time. Have you been curious about all the other available fabric online or fabric you’ve seen in quilt shops: denim, velvet, taffeta, and knits, just to name a few? Can they be used in quilts? If so, what type of quilts and how do we approach them successfully? Mary Fons is joined by Jerry Granata, an award-winning quilter, who teaches us the methods for working with alternative fabrics.

Featured Quilt: Valiant Eagle

Marianne Fons created this quilt with the Quilts of Valor Foundation in mind. She used two different quilt blocks – Variable Star and Pinwheel – to create a frame for the focal point: the eagle and “USA.” Patriotic quilt patterns are always special and Valiant Eagle is as special as they come.

Valiant Eagle was designed by Marianne Fons. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting July/August 2010 issue.

Learn more about Valiant Eagle!

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