2810: Best Sewing Machine Embellishment Tips (Quilting With An Accent: Embellishment Techniques) – Fons & Porter

Episode 2810 Description and Preview

You probably know how to quilt on a sewing machine, but do you know how to use your sewing machine for quilting with embellishments? Quilt tops can be a canvas. Your patchwork can be enhanced and accented, becoming a new creation. Mary Fons and her guest Jerry Granada discuss the tools at your disposal—from sewing machine needles, to threads—and share techniques for generating a secondary layer of art to add exciting new dimensions to your patchwork!

Featured Technique: Quilting Embellishments

Jerry Granata is a retired US Navy musician living in Palm Springs, California who raised the anchor and sailed away on a thrilling journey through the world of quilting. As a 5-year old child growing up in Palos Heights, Illinois, Jerry would sit next to his sister as she worked at her sewing machine, drawn by the sound of the machine and the enticing fabrics she’d use. “When she asked if I would like to try, I jumped at the opportunity and I’ve been sewing ever since,” he recalled.

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