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Episode 2904 Description and Preview

Emily Bailey’s fresh, bright, fat-quarter friendly quilt, Cactus Blooms, is a Fons & Porter staff favorite. Inspired by a little vintage quilt, the design is a wonderful pattern for exploring color placement, and using sashing to create a “floating” effect. Emily and host Sara Gallegos team up to teach some fabulous patchwork techniques. Quilt made by Emily Bailey.

Featured Quilt: Cactus Blooms

What a gorgeous quilt this is! Octagon shapes in a blaze of desert hues dance across this throw-sized quilt. Octagon quilt shapes might seem challenging but our Sew Easy quilting video for using the Triangle Trimmers tool help make these quilt blocks look easy! You might take a look at a quilt like this and go “Wow, octagons – those look difficult to piece; I’ll never be able to do it.” If that thought popped into your head or anything like it then, boy, do I have a surprise for you: this quilt is made up almost entirely of triangle quilt units arranged into simple star quilt blocks! We had you fooled for a minute there, didn’t we? Don’t just sit there and think about making this quilt: either the quilt kit we put together for this beauty to use similar fabrics or dig into your stash and get quilting!

Cactus Blooms was designed by Emily Bailey. This quilt was featured in the Love of Quilting January/February 2017 issue.

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