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Episode 2907 Description and Preview

A magnificent quilt in the tradition of red-and-white quilts, Marianne Fons’ Red Between the Lines was featured in the debut exhibit at the Iowa Quilt Museum. There is so much to learn from this spectacular medallion quilt that we broke it up into two shows. In this first episode (click here for part 2!), Marianne Fons and host Angela Huffman explore planning a medallion-style quilt, and techniques for creating the pieced border.

Featured Quilt: Red Between the Lines

“RedMarianne Fons created this lovely quilt for the opening exhibit at the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset, Iowa. We supply full-sized templates and our Sew Easy instructions for cutting half-square and quarter-square triangles. Red and white are quilt colors have been favorites for traditional quilters for centuries and this red and white quilt pattern pays homage to that. While you can use any colors or fabrics that you choose, consider making this quilt in the red and white shown below (you can even purchase a quilt kit to use them same fabrics we did!) to continue the tradition.

Red Between the Lines was designed by Marianne Fons. This quilt was featured in the Love of Quilting January/February 2017 issue.

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