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Episode 2912 Description and Preview

Who knew the home-y log cabin block could have such a dramatic side? Toby Lischko’s variation on the log cabin design plays with color, value and placement, resulting in an elegant, riveting quilt. The simple construction gives Toby and host Sara Gallegos ample opportunity to teach the basic, good quilting practices that quilters are all too likely to rush past. Let this sophisticated-looking quilt bring you back to your roots.

Featured Quilt: A Formal Affair

A Formal Affair, a bed-sized quilt made up in fashionable black and beige prints, is a real beauty. This black and white quilt pattern might only feature two colors with touches of beige here and there but it is still filled with powerful interest. While this quilt has a tribal feeling to the aesthetic, it also fits perfectly into any home with the beautiful and traditional log cabin quilt units shown throughout this top. So elegant, but it’s a deceptively simple design, relying on a single Log Cabin block. Try a large floral print or paisley pattern for the wide border. If black and white aren’t your cup of tea, consider mixing the look up entirely to make a quilt top that’s all your own!

A Formal Affair was designed by Toby Lischko and was featured in the Love of Quilting January/February 2017 issue

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