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Whether you’re searching for unique quilt patterns using the strip piecing technique to speed construction, or for free strip quilt patterns designed for jelly rolls fabric (precut fabric strips), this free eBook has just what you need. Both types of patterns are fast, easy, and fun to piece. And the results are standout quilts you’ll be proud to display or give as gifts. But you won’t just get one pattern…

This free eBook includes 4 lap-size, free strip quilt patterns! From updated classics to thoroughly modern designs, there are quilts here for every taste. All 4 of these patterns were previously published in Fons & Porter magazines, and they are among our readers’ favorites. Unique, memorable strip quilt patterns are hard to find, but we’ve gathered 4 of them here for you – free!

This eBook provides you with all of the instructions, photos, and diagrams you will need to create your own version of each of these strip quilts. Don’t just take our word for it, it’s easy to see why each of these patterns has become a favorite:

  • Reticulum: This clever strip quilt pattern creates the look of woven basketry with 100 quarter-block units rotated to make 25 blocks, so it’s much easier to sew than you may think at first glance. Four-patch units appear to float in the center of each block once the units are set together. With no border to add, this quilt is extra fast and has a modern flair.
  • Classic Elements: Break out those fabric jelly rolls (precut packs of fabric strips) and get started on this cool asymmetrical quilt design today! White squares pop against the colored fabrics and create a fun chain effect in this easy patchwork quilt.
  • Color Bars: Traditional Courthouse Steps quilt blocks take a modern turn when pieced with bright and neutral batik fabrics. All block patches are cut from jelly rolls fabric strips, making preparation a breeze. Not into batiks? Make your own version of this strip quilt pattern from any two contrasting groups of fabrics!
  • Sugar, Sugar: The strip piecing technique makes the 20 blocks in this lap quilt pattern super fast to sew. Just stitch up 3 different types of strip sets, cut segments, and sew them together with 2 additional fabric patches to make each block. This strip quilting pattern can be made in a weekend!

Download free strip quilt patterns you’ll love!

If you’ve always wondered how to make a strip quilt but weren’t sure where to start, this free eBook is a must for your quilt pattern library. The 4 fun strip quilt ideas gathered here make wonderful home dec accent quilts, gift quilts, and charity quilts. Explore the strip piecing technique, or use fabric jelly rolls for extra speed and ease. Either way, these pretty lap quilts are quick to make and a great way to show off favorite fabrics.

“Reticulum” by Thomas Knauer

Reticulum by Thomas Knauer, one of our favorite jelly rolls fabric patterns.The clever basket weave design of this strip quilt keeps the eye moving across its surface and holds the viewer’s attention. Just 1 yard each of 4 colored fabrics, plus yardage of 2 background fabrics, are all you need to get started on this intriguing but easy strip quilt!

  • Finished Size: 60″x 60″
  • Finished Blocks: 25 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Confident Beginner

“Classic Elements” by Nancy Mahoney

Classic Elements, one of 4 free strip quilt patterns!Pick two favorite color groups (teal/green and red/gray in the sample quilt) and get ready to rock this off-center modern quilt design. Every patch in the quilt is cut from a 2 ½” wide strip, so this is the perfect jelly roll quilt for using up your stash of jelly roll fabrics. Blocks are sewn together patch by patch with no special piecing techniques, making this a super easy strip quilt for a beginning quilter.

  • Finished Size: 60″x 72″
  • Finished Blocks: 30 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Beginner

“Color Bars” by Diane Tomlinson

Color Bars by Diane TomlinsonMade with traditional Courthouse Steps quilt blocks, this free quilt pattern uses two contrasting groups of fabrics (bright and neutral batiks in the sample quilt) to create strong lines and a dynamic design in the finished quilt. One or our go-to jelly roll quilt patterns because you can cut all your patches from jelly roll fabric for super fast preparation! Block piecing is straightforward and simple, easy enough for beginning quilters.

  • Finished Size: 64″x 80″
  • Finished Blocks: 20 (16″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Beginner

“Sugar, Sugar” by Tricia Lynn Maloney

Sugar, Sugar free strip quilt pattern!Strip pieced segments form frames around patchwork squares in the simple blocks that make up this pretty strip quilt. Fabrics are first cut into 6 ½”, 4 ½”, and 2 ½” wide strips, and then sewn together into strip sets. This is a wonderful pattern for trying out the strip piecing technique for the first time, and also for making a quilt in a hurry! Show off a favorite collection of 5 fabrics, plus binding fabric, with this simple but effective strip quilting pattern.

  • Finished Size: 48″ x 60″
  • Finished Blocks: 20 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Confident Beginner

Download your free Strip Quilt Patterns today!

If you’ve made strip quilts before, you know how fast and fun they are to create. If you haven’t, these patterns are great for learning new techniques and shortcuts in quilting. And we all know there’s nothing like picking up some luscious jelly roll quilt fabric to keep in our stash! Our designers have come up with unique, appealing strip quilt patterns that look much more complex than they are to make, always a bonus when picking out a new quilt pattern to try! Everyone who sees your pretty strip quilt will be amazed that just a few fabric strips can make a quilt so beautiful and original.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from The Quilting Company.

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