Must-have Free Guide to Using Interfacing & Fabric Stabilizer

4 Free Tutorials for Supporting Fabric, Thread, and Embellishments in Quilt Art 

There are as many stabilizers on the market as there are types of coffee drinks at a gourmet coffee shop, and choosing which stabilizer to use can be just as overwhelming as ordering a latte for the first time. But we’re here to help, with our handy guide to the types of stabilizers available and how to use them in your fiber art.

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The fundamental purpose of a stabilizer is quite simple to support fabric, thread, or embellishments for sewing. But there are so many types and so many uses. There are wash-away stabilizers that rinse out in hot or cold water, cut-away stabilizers, tear-away stabilizers, and stabilizers that vanish completely when heat is applied. It all depends on your project or your preference. Learn about all your options and figure out which is the perfect match for your projects when you download your free eBook today!

How to Use Water-soluble Stabilizer: Invisible Strength, Working with Water-Soluble Stabilizers

Article #1: How to Use Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Invisible Strength: Working with Water-Soluble Stabilizers by Patricia Bolton

Discover the versatility and benefits of water-soluble stabilizer, including the fact that it leaves no trace and on most, you can trace, stamp, paint, transfer, or sketch a motif on the stabilizer to use as a guide for stitching.

Vanishing Muslin Embroidery Stabilizer: Simply Blown Away, Working with Vanishing Muslin

Article #2: Vanishing Muslin Embroidery Stabilizer

Simply Blown Away: Working with Vanishing Muslin by Patricia Bolton

Learn how vanishing muslin (otherwise known as Thermogauze), an embroidery stabilizer that disintegrates with heat, can help you create a piece that maintains its soft feel and perfect colors.

Wash-Away Stabilizer: Terrific Texture with Water-Soluble Stabilizers

Article #3: Wash-Away Stabilizer

Terrific Texture with Water-Soluble Stabilizers by Wendy Butler Berns

Learn how to use a water-soluble stabilizer, such as Sulky Solvy, to create dimensional texture with thread, and later applique it onto your quilt. You can even collage items onto a quilted surface or create a freestanding collage with embellishments, bits of thread, fabric scraps, and free-motion stitching.

Interfacing Fabric: Star Maker, Heavenly Results from a Space Age Product

Article #4: Interfacing Fabric

Star Maker: Heavenly Results from a Space Age Product by Vickie Hallmark

In this article, Vickie Hallmark shows you how to take advantage of the properties of fabric interfacing by pairing it with surface design techniques, creating an art quilt where the interface fabrics take center stage.

What are you waiting for? You free guide to stabilizer for embroidery, embellishment, and more is only a click away!

Discover how to you can use stabilizer for embroidery to create designs like this.

Whether you’re interested how to interface fabrics to use as elements in art quilts, to support delicate fabrics or to use fabric stabilizer for embroidery, this eBook is the resource for you. In this guide, you will learn:

  • The different types of stabilizers.
  • How fabric and embroidery stabilizers work.
  • How to choose the right stabilizer for your project.
  • When and how to use an embroidery hoop. Ideas for using fabric stabilizers in your artwork.
  • How to use interfacing fabric with surface design to create an unusual top layer for art quilts.

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