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What 5 things are happening at Quiltmaker this week?

Mark your calendars. We have another week of inspiration, information and fun quilting stuff to share with you from the staff at Quiltmaker. Here’s what’s happening…

#1. Go Glamping with a Quilt Project

Beach Bum, designed by Terri Vanden Bosch for Quiltmaker July/August 2017

Erin Russek has joined the glamping crowd–albeit by a more budget-friendly approach–from her quilt studio. She’s our resident expert with turned-edge applique. For her Tuesday blog, she’s taking Terri Vanden Bosch’s Beach Bum pattern (Quiltmaker, July/August 2017. Still available NOW. Click HERE.) as her inspiration for a project to try a different way of doing applique.

#2: Our Quiltmaker family is growing!

Check in on Wednesday to meet the newcomer to our editorial staff, Anissa Arnold. We are so pleased she has joined our quilting group! She is an accomplished quilter, already bringing inspiration to us, just from her interviews. We can’t wait to share more about Anissa with you, so join us mid-week.

#3: Line Up for Halloween Treats

Yes, the season is beginning to change. Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s time to plan for HALLOWEEN. Join the trick-or-treaters for a Spook-Tacular Extravaganza on Thursday. We’re going to bring out a Halloween line-up, loads of pattern ideas for inspiration, so many you are going to have a hard time picking your favorites to make.

QNMP 131100 Halloween web 1 1024x417 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

Halloween Street, designed by Gigi Khalsa, Associate Editor, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts

#4: Charmed, I’m Sure: Charming Exchanges

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Just charms

Carolyn Beam continues her series about charm squares on Friday. This week she’s going to talk about exchanging charms among friends. (Hey, wasn’t that a fun thing we did in school?) Be sure to join her; she will have a free quilt block pattern for you! (If you are a charmer, don’t miss Carolyn’s first blog, click HERE to find the 1st one of the series.)


#5: Saturday Morning Quilt Break with Mary Kate

saturday morning quilt break the view from my window 300x229 5 Things Happening at Quiltmaker This Week

The view from Mary Kate’s window

Spend some quiet time with Mary Kate Karr-Petras Saturday morning, before the flurry of weekend activity begins. The second blog in her series, she will be sharing bits of quilting news from around the world this week. Get up early, leave your jammies on, grab your computer and coffee (tea or juice) to take advantage of some quilt-time. If you missed the 1st post of her series, click HERE. Mary Kate sets the tone for you to take time for YOU.

See you soon!

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