A New Leaf


About this Quilt


A New Leaf, by Terrie Vanden Bosch, is a great introductory to foundation piecing — none of the blocks are very complicated and the patches are large in size. The block itself also leaves room for interpretation— could be a leaf, or it could be a tree! A New Leaf finishes at 48” x 50” making it suitable as a large wall hanging or a throw.

Notes about A New Leaf from the designer, Terrie Vanden Bosch:

As a child, when traveling the hour and a half to my Grandparents’ house, we would pass through a small town with a maple tree lined street. The top branches of the trees on either side of the street would touch each other and form a canopy of leaves over the road. Seeing these trees meant that we were halfway to Grandma’s house!! Only another 45 minutes to be car sick and stuffed, with three of my siblings, in the back seat of our Dad’s Ford. Funny twist to the story—my daughter and her family now live in this small town — and the maple trees still line that street!

Tools Terrie likes to use: Carol Doaks foundation paper, Add-a-Quarter Ruler, a post card or cardstock to fold paper template over so she can easily trim fabric to ¼”.

Pattern Details

Quilt by: Terrie Vanden Bosch
Finished Quilt Size: 48˝ x 50˝
Finished Block: 6˝ x 8˝

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