Artful Improvisation: Bits & Pieces

"Lines + Triangles = Squares" by Maria Shell

Use the bits and pieces of fabric in your scrap stash to create quilt blocks of artful improvisation. Maria Shell shares her tips for making lines, dots, triangles, and squares with fabric scraps like you see in her quilt pictured above titled “Lines + Triangles = Squares” in this article tutorial.

About this Quilt

Designed By : Maria Shell

“One of the best things about scraps is that they are easy to come by. Collecting scraps is easy. Storing and using them is a bit more difficult. I find that pressing, trimming, and sorting by color is helpful. I use small storage tubs—each one holds a different color. I also have a tub for multi-colored fabrics. Try to avoid storing your scrap bits jumbled up in a bag. If you make your scraps attractive you will be inspired to stitch them up.” – Maria Shell

Read Maria’s entire tutorial and be inspired by more of her artful improvisation in the February/March 2018 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

Photo by Chris Arend

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