Block Party

Block Party quilt

About this Quilt

quilt-block-party-flatBlocks in a variety of sizes come together in this playful design.

Sharon created a delightful sample quilt filled with easy-to-piece blocks in multiple sizes. Study diagrams and quilt photo carefully for guidance with color placement and cutting matched sets of patches.

We recommend a design wall or large flat surface for arranging your blocks prior to construction. Read through the entire pattern before cutting patches.

Designer Inspiration

Sampler quilts have always been a favorite of mine. So many of us began our quilting journey by making a sampler quilt and learned a variety of techniques in the process.

When I am designing a quilt, I like to play “What if?” Sometimes, I play this game with the block, or perhaps with the layout. In this sampler, I used simple traditional blocks made in a variety of sizes and a nontraditional layout.

First, I decide what size I want my quilt to be. In EQ8, I use the custom quilt setting. If I did not have EQ, I would use graph paper and pencil. Most of the time I will make my quilt layout divisible by 2, as it makes it easier to plug in the blocks.

Next, I choose a variety of block sizes to include in my sampler. I chose 6”, 9”, 12” and 18” blocks for this quilt. If I decide to use a block with an odd number, I add a fi ller or a sashing to make the placement work.

Now it is time to play “what if?” I start placing the blocks within the layout, playing with size and placement. Usually I will design two or three quilts before I come up with one that I really like. I start with my largest block, then add the smaller blocks to fi ll in. It’s like putting a puzzle together. If I have “gaps” this is a great place to add sashing, fl ying geese, checkerboard, etc.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of my design process for a sampler quilt. Take this layout and substitute some of your favorite blocks … sounds fun, right?

Sharon Parcel

Pattern Details

Made by: Sharon Parcel (
Skill Level: Intermediate
Finished Size: 64″ x 76″
Finished Blocks: 6″, 9″, 12″, 18″
Fabrics: Well Said by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

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