Creative Curves: Artful Improv for the Impatient Quilter

About this Quilt

Designed By : Lisa Thorpe

“No one has ever accused me of coloring in the lines and perfectly matched points are not my thing. Don’t misunderstand me, I admire the careful quilter. I have met amazing women who do heritage quilts in miniature with the tightest, truest corners I have ever seen! But that is not me— I am an impatient maker.” –Lisa Thorpe

Learn how to make your own creative curves when you download the June/July 2018 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

“Creative Curves” by Lisa Thorpe


  • 75 squares in colors you are drawn to (I hand printed 6 ½ ” squares in gray, turquoise, and burnt orange.)
  • A strip of fabric approximately 13″ × 72″ (I used a handprinted fabric in green/gold.)
  • Backing fabric (I used washed canvas that I spray painted.)
  • Colored pencil
  • Lightweight batting
  • Spray fabric adhesive (I used Odif 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive.)

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