Crumbly Leaves


About this Quilt


This is an incredibly inventive way to use up scraps! You begin by crazy-piecing gobs of scraps to create a “fabric,” and then cut your patches from that fabric. The resulting quilt blocks are fun and scrappy and dynamic! The final project looks a little like it’s string-pieced, a little like it’s crazy-quilted, and a lot like it’s a scrapbuster’s dream come true!

We’ve written the instructions using our crazy-piecing method. On the episode #3212 of PBS’ “Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting,” host Sara Gallegos tried it a different way, drafting her own foundations in order to paper piece the scrappy “fabric.” The designer of the original project sewed her scraps together, and then used her die-cutter to cut the patches.

Pattern Details

Quilt Designed by: Bea Lea
Skill Level: Intermediate
Finished Size: 36″ x 36”
Finished Blocks: 4 (12”)
Fabrics: Scraps.

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