Fairy Ring Block – Free Ireland Quilt Block Of The Month Pattern

About this Quilt

Enjoy this free Fairy Ring quilt block pattern, part of Ireland Block of the Month. When Laura Roberts, one of McCall’s Quilting/McCall’s Quick Quilts contributors, discovered she would be going along on the McCall’s Quilting trip to Ireland in 2012, she decided to start an Ireland-themed quilt in anticipation. Get all of the FREE Ireland quilt block of the month patterns!

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Finished Block Size: 12″ x 12″

Download this FREE quilt pattern for the Fairy Ring quilt block.

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Cutting Instructions
Heavy paper or cardstock (paper hexagons)
– 13 Template A*
Light green/pink floral (hexagons)
– 6 Template B
3 assorted light green prints (hexagons)cut from each:
– 2 Template B
Novelty fabric (center hexagon)
– 1 Template B
Dark green mottle (block background)
– 1 square 13″ x 13″
*You may prefer to purchase paper hexagons that are 1 on a side,
rather than making your own. Paperpieces.com is one website that
carries paper hexagons this size.

Making the Block

1. Trace Template A (included in PDF download, link above) on heavy paper or cardstock. Cut out on marked line to make paper hexagon. Make 13.

2. Referring to Diagram I, place paper hexagon on wrong side of fabric B, centering. Fold edges of B over A and baste in place, stitching through fabric and paper, to make basted hexagon. Make 13 total (Diagram II).

FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern
FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern

3. Align 2 basted hexagons, right sides together, and whip-stitch one edge, taking tiny stitches that just catch fabric folds (Diagram III). Hexagons should lay flat when opened.

FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern

4. Referring to Diagram IV, whip-stitch together 6 green/pink floral and 6 assorted green print basted hexagons, alternating and being sure to sew correct edges together to form ring. Make 1. With right side down, spray ring with starch or starch alternative and press with papers still in place. When ring is cool remove basting and papers, keeping outer edges of hexagons folded under. In same manner, starch and press remaining hexagon and remove paper. Papers can be reused.

FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern

5. Fold green mottle 13 square in half on both length and width; use folds as placement guide. Center ring on green mottle square and pin or baste in place (Diagram V). Using machine blanket stitch (Diagram VI), edge-stitch ring in place. You may wish to use a wool or other thick thread for extra visibility.

FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern

6. Center novelty fabric hexagon in ring (Diagram VII) and machine blanket stitch in place. Press square, and trim to 12 x 12, centering ring, to complete Fairy Ring Block.

FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern