From Gelatin Print to Art Quilt

"Spring has Sprung" by Lisa Thorpe

About this Quilt

Designed By : Lisa Thorpe

“I love making small art quilts and I always strive for originality. I decided to play with making my own fabric prints using a commercial gel printing plate to achieve unique, handmade designs. I like to use a small 4″ × 6″ plate because I can test and play without spending a lot of time fiddling with each print or using up a lot of fabric on my trials. The small prints have an added benefit: at the end of a printing session I have a vast stockpile of fabric elements to play with when I am ready to make an art quilt!” – Lisa Thorpe

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  • 4″ × 6″ gel plate
  • 5″ × 7″ pieces of fabric
  • 2–3 coordinating colors of slow-drying acrylic paint (I used Golden Artist Colors® Open acrylics in Carbon Black, Cobalt Blue, and Green Gold.)
  • 4″ brayer
  • 2 precut pattern stencils with open designs
  • Botanicals (I use relatively thin and flat plants or flowers.)
  • Other masking materials such as thread, rubber bands, bubble wrap, and cut paper shapes
  • Silhouette stencil cut from acetate (I used Grafi x® Clear-Lay plastic film.)
  • Phonebook
  • 12″ × 18″ felt
  • 2 (9″ × 12″) sheets of two-sided pressure-sensitive fusible web (I used Pellon® EZ Steam® II.)
  • Contrasting thread

Featured art quilt: “Spring has Sprung” by Lisa Thorpe

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