Green Acres


About this Quilt


Big log cabin blocks come together easily and are built quickly, and before you know it, you’ve got a big, beautiful bed quilt to enjoy! With just three fabrics and simple patchwork, you won’t have to work past sundown to get this quilt ready for winter.

Our instructions have you strip piece units where possible to expedite the construction process. Chain piecing the blocks will speed up construction even more. Chain piecing is when you separate patches into block sets and sew the same seam for each block without breaking the thread, forming a chain of joined patches. Then you press all those at once, and continue with the next set of patches.

For beginner quilters, making your own bed quilt is a huge milestone that might seem a bit daunting, but this pattern is ideal for helping people achieve that without too much fuss. Its modern simplicity makes it nice for any quilter, of any skill level, wanting an attractive, large bed quilt, really!

Pattern Details

Quilt Designed & Made by: Ramona Sorensen
Finished Quilt Size: 102˝ x 102˝
Number of Blocks & Finished Size: 25 Blocks 18˝ x 18˝

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