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About this Quilt

Highland Stars throw quilt pattern is the perfect quilt to challenge newer quilters and a wonderful project for seasoned quilters. This quilt brings warmth and interest to any room it’s used in and it’s a real joy to make. Try this new take on a star quilt and you’ll see what we mean! You may have noticed that these are no ordinary star blocks. The designer added narrow, light-colored strips to the points to create contrast and outline the stars. These strips divide each block, and when the blocks are turned just so, you get a unique star pattern. The double border frames it all in and brings it all together in one lovely, cohesive look. What a beauty!

Correction: we’ve made a correction to the Highland Stars quilt pattern. Find the corrected version here.

About This Quilt 

Finished Size: 49″ x 63″
Finished Blocks: 48 (6″) blocks
Rating: Intermediate
Designed by:
 Wendy Sheppard
Recommended Tools: Mariner’s Star Pincushion, Spinning Cutting Mat, and Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter
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Learn How to Make This Quilt

The Fons & Porter staff show you how to make quick triangle-squares with this wonderful technique that is easy to learn and will increase the speed and accuracy with which you make this fun patriotic quilt pattern, Glory Stars! Watch as Sewing Specialist, Colleen Tauke, and New Product Development Director, Jean Nolte, walk you through the simple process of increasing accuracy and efficiency with this handy quilting technique. Quilting continues to offer new and outstanding ways to make quilting the best it can be, so don’t miss this one! A quick note of importance: make sure to cut the square ⅞” larger than your finished triangles! For more free Sew Easy quilting video tutorials, make sure to visit QNNtv.com.

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