How to Make Half-Square Triangles (HST) from Squares

About this Quilt

McQ U - Intro to Half-Square TrianglesWatch our video…

Tricia Camp demonstrates an easy method for stitching half-square triangle units, starting with 2 fabric squares. Includes tips on figuring cutting size and trimming units.

Step-by-Step Instructions…

Step 1. Determine size to cut squares

The formula for cut size of a square to make a pieced square of half-square triangles is: side of square + 7/8 (e.g. finished square = 2, cut size of square is 3 3/8).

Step 2. Mark and Sew

Draw diagonal line on wrong side of lighter square. Referring to Diagram I, place marked square on darker square, right sides together. Sew seam on each side of marked line; cut apart on marked line. Open and press to make 2 pieced squares.

McQ U - Intro to Half-Square Triangles