Jewel Mine


About this Quilt


Unearth a gorgeous gem of a quilt by piecing strips and cutting them into triangular units. The way that the units are put together creates an illusion of depth, like a stack of brilliant cut jewels. Just three fabrics are needed to achieve the effect, though you could use additional fabrics in similar colors to create even more interest.

This design uses templates, but not in the way you might think! A single triangle template is used to cut into pieced strips, so you’ll be piecing a series of two-tone triangles. There are no set-in seams even though it may look like there are!

This pattern is a great example of how simple design, combining basic shapes and few colors, can result in a striking, impressive-looking quilt. People will think you worked so hard to make this, when it’s really quite quick and easy to sew. You’ll want to make many versions, in all different color combinations, when you see how quick and simple it really is.

Pattern Details

Quilt Designed & Made by: Kymberly Pease
Finished Quilt Size: 56˝ x 64˝

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