Luminous Quilt

About this Quilt

Quilt artist Jeri Riggs inspired Fons & Porter Editor Diane Tomlinson to recreate this attractive wall quilt of kaleidoscopic hexagons as a way to play with the infinite motif combinations in the fabrics she chose.

About This Quilt

Finished Size: 47½” 45½”
Rating: Challenging
Designed by: Diane Tomlinson
Recommended Tools: Template material, Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter, Olfa 12″ Spinning Cutting Mat, and Fons & Porter Basic Cutting Ruler
Wall Hanging Quilt Patterns

Learn How to Make This Quilt

The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to cut, sew, and perfectly bind a quilt. Learn about quilt binding corners and useful techniques that will make your quilt binding more accurate and efficient. Jean and Colleen suggest starting the binding along the side of the quilt instead of at the corners to make the process easier.



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