Martha, Martha


About this Quilt

quilt-martha-martha-flatThis quilt has a great story. It starts with Liz Porter. Liz Porter published a quilt with us in Love of Quilting July/August 2017 issue called Martha Washington’s Star. Liz’s quilt got “re-imagined” by guest Angela Pingel and host Kelly Bowser on the online series, “Quilt Re-Mix”, which was super fun. Seeing a traditional quilt re-interpreted into something modern is always a blast. Then, when Liz was able to stop back to the studio to for a few episodes of the 3100 series of “Love of Quilting”, one of the quilts she decided to teach was her Martha Washington’s Star.

Martha Washington’s Star, as she told host Sara Gallegos, was the result of a block exchange with her Texas-based quilt friends. They each made a stack of Martha Washington’s Star quilt blocks, using reproduction fabrics, which finished at 9”. Then, just like a cookie exchange, they brought all the blocks to the swap party, set them out in stacks along the card table, and—buffet-style—everyone went around the room, taking blocks from each pile.

How they used those blocks was entirely up to each individual quilter.

Liz brought a couple of the resulting quilts to the show.

One of those quilts was Martha, Martha, by Angela Steiner. It featured a “confetti” style border, which was surprisingly simple to piece, but that we hadn’t really seen before. We certainly hadn’t published anything like it in recent memory.

We asked if we could hang on to the quilt in order to pattern it and publish it. The answer, happily, was yes.

If you’re curious about the name, at the time we received Angela’s quilt, it was nameless, so we took to calling it “Martha 2.” Which evolved into Martha, Martha.

Maybe, in time, we’ll be able to publish one called Martha, Martha, Martha, preferably in 70s-era prints.


Pattern Details

Quilt Designed by: Angela Steiner
Quilted by: Angela Steiner
Skill Level: Challenging
Finished Size: 89″ x 102”
Finished Blocks: 98 (9”) Martha Washington’s Star Blocks

Get the Martha, Martha pattern and More from Love of Quilting July/August 2018