Mixed-Media Tea Bag Collage

“Different but the Same” an art quilt by Libby Williamson

About this Quilt

Designed By : Libby Williamson

“Using the modest, unassuming tea bag as a substrate for art quilts continues to intrigue and fascinate me. Despite my preference for working in larger formats, I enjoy the challenge of creating tiny bits of art on used, empty tea bags. In my earlier work, each stood alone as a piece of art. Now, the individually stitched tea bags are separate components of a larger composition.” – Libby Williamson

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  • Used, dried tea bags (I used Celestial Seasonings® brand with its larger, square shape.)
  • 12″ square of unbleached muslin
  • Lightweight fusible web and a non-stick pressing sheet (I used Mistyfuse® fusible web and Mistyfuse® Non-stick Goddess Sheets®.)
  • Scraps of assorted fabrics and papers in your chosen color palette, including felted wool, silk, cotton, synthetic shears, and hand-painted fabrics and papers
  • Matte gel medium
  • A variety of embroidery threads, including floss, perle cotton, and rayon threads
  • Fabric for the background (I used upholstery remnants but sturdy canvas or felt will also work.)
  • Additional fabric strips, ribbons and trims, measuring tapes, and zippers
  • Felt for the quilt backing

NOTE: I do not add traditional batting in these quilts.

Featured art quilt: “Different but the Same” by Libby Williamson

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