Modern Courthouse Quilt

Modern Courthouse Quilt

About this Quilt

Finished Size : 66" × 86"

Designed By : Siobhan Rogers

Designer Siobhan Rogers loves the Log Cabin block and its innumerable variations, especially Courthouse Steps. This timeless block is fun to make and is a great starting point for beginning quilters as well as seasoned quilters, who can create their own variations on this classic design.

In this Modern Courthouse Quilt, Siobahn gives the classically traditional Courthouse Steps block a fresh and modern look by using one giant block to create the entire quilt top. Made with solids and subtle prints, the resulting design is simple yet has big impact. It would look gorgeous in a bedroom or folded over the back of a couch.

Consider using curly and curved quilting to counterbalance the pure geometric quality of this setting and add a bit of whimsy to the orderly design. To help take the guesswork out of sewing the Modern Courthouse Steps Quilt, Siobahn offers tips for successful Courthouse Steps block construction and fabric-buying suggestions (hint: Buy the fabric off the bolt rather than using fat quarters to maximize the length of each strip).

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  • Khaki fabric, ¾ yard
  • Hot pink fabric, 5⁄8 yard
  • Misty green fabric, ¼ yard
  • Green cross print fabric, ¼ yard
  • Cornflower blue fabric, ¼ yard
  • Aqua fabric, 3⁄8 yard
  • Coral fabric, ½ yard
  • Deep blue fabric, 3⁄8 yard
  • Salmon fabric, ½ yard
  • Salmon cross print fabric, ½ yard
  • Dark green fabric, ½ yard
  • Mustard fabric, 5⁄8 yard
  • Teal cross print fabric, 5⁄8 yard
  • Mint fabric, 5⁄8 yard
  • Purple fabric, 3⁄8 yard
  • Backing fabric, 5½ yards
  • Batting, full-size
  • Binding, 5⁄8 yard

Tip: Purchase the fabric off the bolt (instead of using fat quarters) to maximize the length of each strip.

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