Modern Log Cabin Quilt

Modern Log Cabin Quilt

About this Quilt

Finished Size : 55½" × 66½"

Finished Blocks : 11" square

Designed By : Tara Faughanan

Popular in the late nineteenth-century, Log Cabin quilts have a rich history that’s steeped in meaning and tradition. According to lore, the center square of a Log Cabin quilt block represents the hearth and is the “heart” of the home. It was traditionally made with a red square.

Log cabin blocks are quite simple to piece, which makes them ideal for new quilters. More experienced quilters can experiment with variations of this popular style to create new and unexpected designs. This Modern Log Cabin Quilt by designer Tara Faughanan, for example, is a great pattern for beginners and more experienced quilters alike. It is simple to piece yet leaves a lot of room for playing with color.

The illustrated step-by-step directions call for four different colors of fabric. The Modern Log Cabin Quilt shown here uses four colors in about half the blocks, and three colors in the remaining blocks. For added interest, you can always vary at what point within the block you switch the colors. Once you are comfortable with the basic piecing for this block, you can feel free to experiment with color combinations of your own. Log Cabin blocks and quilts leave a lot of room for interpretation, which is one of the reasons their popularity has endured for generations.

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  • Assorted light and dark solid fabrics, approximately 3 yards light and 3 yards dark
  • Backing, 3½ yards
  • Low-loft batting, 63″ × 72″ or twin size
  • Binding, ½ yard
  • 12½” square acrylic ruler (optional)

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