Fairies and Flower Petals – Free Ireland Quilt Block Of The Month Pattern

About this Quilt

Finished Size :  12" x 12"

Finished Blocks : 1 ( 12" x 12")

Rating : Intermediate

Enjoy this free Fairies and Flower Petals quilt block pattern, part of Ireland Block of the Month. When Laura Roberts, one of McCall’s Quilting/McCall’s Quick Quilts contributors, discovered she would be going along on the McCall’s Quilting trip to Ireland in 2012, she decided to start an Ireland-themed quilt in anticipation. Get all of the FREE Ireland quilt block of the month patterns!

Download this FREE quilt pattern for the Fairies & Flower Petals quilt block.

For a quicker version of this block, just cut 20 squares 2″ x 2″ from the white/green print and use them in place of the 9-patches. If you choose to do this you won’t need the 1″ strips. Any novelty print with motifs that will fit into a 1½” finished square can substitute for the fairy print. To fussy-cut the fairy print squares, cut a 2 square of see-through template plastic; place template on fabric, centering as desired. Mark around edge of template and cut out. The dark green setting triangles on all edges and corners are cut oversized for subsequent trimming.

Cutting Instructions
White/green print (9-patches)
– 2 strips 1″ x width of fabric (WOF)
– 1 strip 1″ x 21-22″
Green swirl print (9-patches, squares)
– 1 strip 1″ x WOF
– 2 strips 1″ x 21-22″
– 16 squares 2″ x 2″
Fairy print (fussy-cut squares)
– 5 squares 2″ x 2″, fussy-cut centered on fairies
Dark green print (squares, setting triangles)
– 3 squares 5½” x 5½”, cut in half twice diagonally
– 2 squares 4″ x 4″, cut in half diagonally
– 4 squares 2″ x 2″

Piecing the Block

1. Referring to Diagram I-A, sew together 2 white/green print and 1 green swirl print WOF strips to make strip set. Make 1. Press indirection of arrows. Cut into 40 segments 1″ wide. In same manner, use 2 green swirl and 1 white/green 21-22″ strips to make strip set. Make 1. Press, and cut into 20 segments 1″ wide. Sew 3 segments together to make 9-patch (Diagram I-B). Make 20.

Fairies and Flower Petals Diagram 1A, 1B

2. Referring to Diagram II-A, sew 3 diagonal rows using dark green 5½” quarter-square triangles, 9-patches, and green swirl 2″ squares, trimming triangles even with each row. Sew rows together to make block unit (Diagram II-B). Make 2.

Fairies and Flower Petals Diagram 2A
Fairies and Flower Petals Diagram 2B

3. Sew 3 diagonal rows as shown, using dark green 2″ squares, 9-patches, green swirl 2″ squares, and fairy print 2″ squares (Diagram III-A). Sew rows together to make block center (Diagram III-B).
Fairies and Flower Petals Diagram 3A, 3B

4. Referring to Diagram IV, stitch block units to long sides of block center, aligning seams. Sew dark green 4″ half-square triangles to corners. Trim Block to 12½” square, centering.

Fairies and Flower Petals Diagram 4