Rose of Sharon Quilt Pattern

Rose of Sharon Quilt Pattern

About this Quilt

Finished Size : 100" x 100

Based on fabric 44″ wide

Background … 9 3/4 yards
Dark Pink …
1 1/3 yards
Light Pink … 2/3 yard
Gold … 1/4 yard
Yellow … 1/4 yard
Green … 2 1/3 yards
Binding … 1 yard for “bias” cut strips

Background … Color #1
… Cut 13 squares 18″ x 18″
… Cut 12 squares 16 1/2″ x 16 1/2″
… From lengthwise grain, cut 4 border strips 10″ x 105″ long

Dark Pink … Color #2
… 2A – Cut 72 Template A (Includes buds for border)
… 2C – Cut 48 Template C
Light Pink… Color #3

… 3C – Cut 48 Template CGreen… Color #4
… 4B – Cut 120 Template B (Includes leaves for border)
Gold… Color #5

… 5D – Cut 12 Template D
Yellow… Color #6

… 6E – Cut 12 Template E
Binding … Cut strips 2 1/2″ wide for doubled binding


Assembly Diagram

Quilt Assembly Diagram

Step 1. Using block instructions, make 13 Rose of Sharon blocks.

Step 2. Referring to the Assembly Diagram, alternate appliqued blocks with solid background blocks and assemble rows “block to block”.>

Step 3. Miter border strips to assembled patchwork.

Step 4. Applique border motifs to borders, using block seams as a guide when aligning motifs along the border strip. Refer to quilt diagram when appliqueing motifs on corners.

Step 5. Mark quilting design of your choice on quilt top. (Suggested “block” quilting design – see below) Baste layers together, quilt and then bind to finish up.

“ROSE OF SHARON” Quilting Designs


After printing use a copy machine to reduce or enlarge the design. Use measurement lines as a guide for correct size.

Making Full Quilting Design: Cut a paper square 17″ x 17″. Draw a line vertically and horizontally from side to side and top to bottom, through the center. Aligning solid lines, trace the above design onto the paper for each quadrant. After finishing the drawing, transfer the design to the fabric, using method of choice.


  • Always identify your quilts. Attach a label that tells who, when, where, and any other pertinent information you may want to add.
  • Reduce or enlarge the design, using a copy machine, to make any size label.
  • Trace motif onto fabric of your choice using a permanent, waterproof pen. Trace outside line using a washable marking pencil of your choice. (Appliqu guideline)
  • Cut fabric 1/4″ away from traced line for seam allowance.

Tip: Cut a piece of freezer paper larger than the label. Press paper, using a dry iron, to the wrong side of the fabric, shiny side against fabric. Trace the design. The paper will help to make the process of tracing the lines easier. After design has been traced, remove the paper.


  • Reduce or enlarge the designs, using a copy machine, to fit any size border or block.
  • Trace designs onto light colored fabric using a light box or glass top table with light source. If lines on the paper are difficult to see, darken the lines using a permanent pen.
  • Punch holes along the design outlines. Lay paper on top of dark fabric and sprinkle powdered chalk or cornstarch on the paper. Carefully lift the paper. Connect the dots using a marking pencil of your choice.
  • Make plastic stencils using stencil making tools of your choice

Click here for the Rose of Sharon Block Pattern