Printed Collage Stories

Printed Collage Story by Liz Kettle

About this Quilt

Designed By : Liz Kettle

“Collage is my favorite technique for sharing my stories and ideas. I love the layers, textures, and the embellishment opportunities that collage invite as well as the flexibility of collage to communicate. Every fabric I use helps tell my stories and as my art journey has unfolded it has become more important to me to have a hand in the creation of these fabrics.”  – Liz Kettle

Learn to make your own printed collage story and more in this August/September 2018 issue of Quilting Arts.


  • Assorted fabric scraps (I used a variety of commercial, vintage, and hand-dyed fabrics.)
  • Wool/rayon felt for backing
  • Lightweight fusible web (I used Mistyfuse®.)
  • Hand sewing needles (I prefer chenille needles.)
  • Medium and/or heavyweight cotton thread
  • Perle cotton
  • Wood printing blocks
  • |Sponsored| Acrylic textile paint (I used Artistic Artifacts Textile Paints.)
  • Palette
  • Car wash sponge cut into small pieces
  • Thermofax® screens
  • Printing squeegee (Expired gift cards work well.)
  • Foam print pad or traditional padded print board

Pick up your copy of Quilting Arts Magazine August/September 2018 for these instructions and more!