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Quilt Design Star™ 2011 Finalist – Carl Hentsch



Carl Hentsch

Saint Joseph, Missouri


About Carl Hentsch…

I’ve been quilting since… I started quilting in 2000 for 2 years.  I started quilting again in 2005 and have been quilting since.


I began quilting because… I have always admired hand-made quilts and have always been involved with crafts since I was young. Watching Eleanor Burns on TV, she convinced me that I could make the quilts, too.

I learned to quilt… I learned by watching Eleanor Burns and Alex Anderson on TV and reading books and magazines.

My quilting style is… I would describe my quilting style as traditional with a touch of modernism.

Ripple_by_Carl_HentschMy imagination is sparked by… I draw my inspiration for my quilts from my surroundings and experiences.  Anything from surfing in Puerto Rico, mountain climbing in Korea or Denver or the recent tornadoes in the midwest.

My favorite techniques… I usually stick to traditional piecing or paper piecing.  I have done some machine appliqué and have recently started to learn hand appliqué.

Colors or fabrics I’m attracted to… I believe that all fabrics and colors deserve a chance.  I have recently been inspired by hand-dyed and gradated fabrics.


My fabric stash… My stash is taking over the house!  I have a little bit of everything from reproduction to batiks, solids to large scale prints.

My quilting community… I currently belong to the Piece Corps Quilt Guild in Saint Joseph, Missouri, American Quilters Society and the International Quilt Association.

My additional hobbies/interests… I spend my non-quilting hours gardening, knitting, remodeling or doing photography.

I entered Quilt Design Star™ 2011 because… My quilts have been shown in several contests around the country. Many quilters I have met have asked for patterns of my quilts and I thought this would be a good place to start.

Links… website: 3DogDesignCo.com; Blog: 3 Dog Design Co.; Twitter: 3DogDesignCo; Facebook: 3DogDesignCo; Flicker: 3 Dog Design Co.


Anemone (below) is Carl’s Quilt Design Star™ 2011 entry quilt.


Over the Castle Wall (below) is Carl’s Quilt Design Star™ 2011 Challenge 1 quilt.

Carl Hentsch - McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 Challenge 1 quilt - Over the Castle Wall