Santa’s Toy Shop

Santa’s Toy Shop

About this Quilt

Finished Size : 72˝ x 80˝

Rating : Easy

Designed By : Dolores Smith & Sarah Maxwell

It’s fun, it’s busy, and it’s full of life, just like Santa’s Toy Shop as he prepares for the holiday season. Our 25th anniversary celebration continues with this Christmas-themed remake of a pattern originally published in our December 2008 issue. Carolyn Beam’s version embraces the scrappy nature of the pattern, resulting in a delightful holiday scramble of color and print.

This quilt is all about having fun, just like a kid in a toy shop. There are very few rules to follow regarding color or value placement; no matter where you put your fabrics, you know it will turn out great. The only deliberate color placement is in the outer pieced border, where the green prints are one the outer edge, which you can choose to emulate or not.

Of the many great things about super scrappy quilts, one is that you can use fabric you already have to make a personalized version containing prints and colors you’ve been holding onto, or you can choose a favorite new fabric collection to make a more coordinating version, as Carolyn did. Another great thing about scrap quilt is their universal appeal. Everyone will love it, no matter what. It’s just bursting with color, print and holiday cheer!

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