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About this Quilt

Use nature-inspired, colored batiks in pre-cut 5″ squares to replicate this beautiful table quilt pattern. Table runners are fitting décor for kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces and act as great conversation pieces when entertaining guests. This light and airy table quilt pattern offers a sense of calm – the perfect atmosphere for any home.

Finished Size: 17″ x 44″  |  Rating: Easy  |  Designed by Wendy Sheppard

Square Peg Round Hole Quilt
Table Quilt Patterns

See how to make this table quilt pattern! Let the Fons & Porter staff expertly guide you through the basics of this project. Watch this free quilting video tutorial, Quilting Quickly: Square Peg Round Hole. For more free Quilting Quickly quilting video tutorials, visit QNNtv.com!

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