Strength & Glory


About this Quilt


The towering oaks of September drop their acorns, often before the leaves of the other trees start to change, making it an early harbinger of autumn. Those trees, with their distinctive, glossy leaves, have been a symbol of strength throughout history, often associated with European kings of old.

The Oak Reel block, sometimes called Oak Leaf and Reel, is a traditional one in American quilts, especially Baltimore Album-style appliqué samplers. In this lovely wall hanging, perfect for the crisp days of early autumn, the oak leaves certainly do dance a joyful reel!

Pattern Details

Quilt by: Barb Eikmeier
Skill Level: Intermediate
Finished Size: 39” x 39”
Finished Blocks: 9 (9”) Oak Reel Blocks
Fabrics: Fabrics in the quilt shown are from the Waddington Road collection by Barbara Eikmeier for Paintbrush Studio.

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