Treasures from Ireland: FREE Irish Quilt Block of the Month Pattern

About this Quilt

Enjoy this free Treasures from Ireland quilt block pattern, part of Ireland Block of the Month. When Laura Roberts, one of McCall’s Quilting/McCall’s Quick Quilts contributors, discovered she would be going along on the McCall’s Quilting trip to Ireland in 2012, she decided to start an Ireland-themed quilt in anticipation. Get all of the FREE Ireland quilt block of the month patterns!

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Finished Block Size: 12″ x 12″

Download this FREE quilt pattern for the Treasures from Ireland quilt block.

Cutting Instructions (cut in order listed)
Green mottle (center, geese)

  • 2 squares 3″ x 3″, cut in half diagonally
  • 8 rectangles 2⅝” x 4¾”

Cream/pink floral (center square)

  • 1 square 3½” x 3½”

Pale green mottle (geese backgrounds)

  • 16 squares 2⅝” x 2⅝”

Green shamrock print (setting triangles)

  • *1 square 8″ x 8″, cut in half twice diagonally
  • *2 squares 4¼” x 4¼”, cut in half diagonally
    *The green shamrock print setting triangles on all edges and corners are cut oversized for subsequent trimming.

Piecing the Block
1. Referring to Diagram I, sew green mottle 3″ half-square triangles to sides of cream/pink floral 3½” square to make block center.

Treasures from Ireland Block

2. Draw diagonal line on wrong side of pale green mottle 2⅝” square. Place marked square on green mottle 2⅝” x 4¾” rectangle, right sides together, aligning raw edges (Diagram II-A). Stitch on drawn line; trim away and discard excess fabric. Open and press.

Treasures from Ireland Block

Repeat on opposite end of rectangle to make pieced rectangle. Make 8. Stitch 2 pieced rectangles together to make flying geese unit (Diagram II-B). Make 4.

Treasures from Ireland Block

3. Referring to Diagram III, stitch 2 green shamrock print 8″ quarter-square triangles to flying geese unit, aligning as shown. Trim points of triangles even with flying geese unit to make geese/triangle unit. Make 2.

Treasures from Ireland Block

4. Sew 2 flying geese units to opposite sides of block center to make pieced strip (Diagram IV).

Treasures from Ireland Block

5. Referring to Diagram V-A, stitch together geese/triangle units and pieced strip.

Treasures from Ireland Block

Stitch green shamrock 4¼” half-square triangles to corners (Diagram V-B).

Treasures from Ireland Block

Trim block to 12½” square, centering (Diagram V-C), to complete Treasures from Ireland block.

Treasures from Ireland Block