Twisted Triangle Table Runner – Fons & Porter

About this Quilt

Combine Twisted Triangles to make six-sided quilt blocks that appear to dizzily spin across your holiday table! This is the perfect time to practice your curved piecing skills. Jean Nolte’s quilt pattern gives you a chance to do just that. For great step-by-step instruction on making triangle units for your quilts, watch the video below. For a quick tutorial on how to create Twisted Triangles, watch Sew Easy: Making Twisted Triangles and apply the tips to your Twisted Triangle table runner!

About This Quilt

Finished Size: 41″ × 12″
Rating: Intermediate
Designed by:
Jean Nolte
Recommended Tools: Twisted Triangle Template, Fons & Porter 60° Pyramids Ruler, and Olfa 12″ Spinning Cutting Mat

Holiday Table Runner Quilt Patterns

Learn How to Make This Quilt

This triangle template will make cutting both sizes of triangles for Fons & Porter triangle quilt patterns easy. The easy-to-use acrylic templates have markings for 2″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ triangles. Learn this quick and easy method that can be adapted to any quilt pattern by watching the free quilting video tutorial below. This method not only makes quiltmaking easier, but it increases the efficiency and accuracy in your piecing, which will be helpful when making this fun holiday quilt pattern, Twisted Triangle! For more free Sew Easy quilting video tutorials, make sure to visit


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