Winter Twister Quilt

Winter Twister Quilt

About this Quilt

Finished Size : 75˝ x 75˝

Rating : Easy

Designed By : Kari Nichols

Cool greens and blues twist and turn in the winter winds. Just two fabrics in a block can create a dizzying, swirling effect when a creative foundation is involved. Just the way the shapes and colors interact is enough to twist the brain! Come into the center of this storm and see how simple it can be to make.

There are two Foundation Masters, both with the same shapes but inverted color placement. This is a great introduction to the foundation piecing technique if you’ve wanted to give it a try, and if you do you’ll end up with a mesmerizing quilt. This pattern definitely demonstrates that 2 colors and a strong design is more than enough to make an entrancing quilt without much trouble.

The effect of this composition is complex, but it’s kind of fun to see how basic it is when you see the pattern, which might spark ideas for how you could mix it up and make it even more interesting. Try adding more colors into the blocks, maybe in a gradient formation, to really get a brand new look. Bring some of your own creative spark into this whirlwind of a pattern and really shake things up!

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