A Bitty Boo Halloween: Part 4


Welcome to Quiltmaker’s Bitty Boo staff challenge blog series! The Quilting Company’s Editorial & Design team had fun interpreting Denise Starck’s design for the September/October 2018 issue each in our own way. Click here to read about the Bitty Boo pattern inspiration and how the challenge worked.

The projects in this week’s installment were made with prints from the Wicked and Hatch collections from Timeless Treasures.

Anissa ArnoldAnissa Arnold, Associate Editor
When we grabbed our mystery bags of fabric for the Bitty Boo challenge, I received some spooky fabrics from Timeless Treasures Fabrics.


At the Bitty Boo challenge fabric grab

Most of my co-workers received cute, little, novelty prints to work with. I, on the other hand, received Wicked as my main fabric and Hatch as an accent fabric.

The Wicked collection features several very large prints and a funky fabric that looks like swirling smoke. Being that this is a Bitty Boo challenge and all of the original blocks were “bitties,” I had to figure out a creative way to meet the requirements of the challenge and not chop up the nice big designs in the fabric.

I really had no good ideas until I had to sew a color option for a different publication. I had originally intended to use Tula Pink’s De La Luna collection but the fabric did not arrive in time to sew the color option. I already had the Wicked fabric for the challenge so I used two of the fabrics from that collection and some solids to make the color option. I ended up loving it. I found that using the smoke as the background fabric added an interesting element to the design. I would never have picked up and opted the use the smoke fabric for anything because it does not appeal to me. But once I saw it in the color option I was smitten with it AND inspired to start my Bitty Boo challenge quilt.


Anissa’s color option block

We were required to make a quilt of any size, using blocks from the original Bitty Boo quilt, and using only the fabrics we received in our mystery bags plus any solids we wanted to add. I chose the 4” Sawtooth Star Block (Block T) from the Bitty Boo quilt and increased the block size to 24” in order to accommodate my large print.


The Sawtooth Star Block diagram

There were three main scenes in the Wicked collection that I fussy cut and used as the centers of my three large blocks. I used Hatch in black, purple, and orange for the points on the stars.


One of Anissa’s three not-so-bitty blocks

I also fussy cut skulls from another print in the collection and used those as the centers of my smaller blocks (8” finished size) with the same Hatch fabrics for the star points.


Anissa’s 8” block with a fussy-cut skull center

I used the smoke fabric as background throughout the quilt. I am usually a quilter who likes to see clear definition between patches and blocks in a quilt, but this time, my goal was to have the scenes in the center of the blocks be like a little surprise. You may not see the scenes at first, but only after viewing the quilt for a few moments.

I call this quilt Haunted Dreams and it finishes at 70 x 90”, significantly larger than the other quilts made in the Bitty Boo challenge due to size of my blocks.


Haunted Dreams sewn by Anissa Arnold

It’s dog-tested and approved by Linus, and it’s going to perfect to snuggle up in come October!


Linus approves!

Happy quilting,

If you’ve missed any part of the Bitty Boo staff challenge series, you can read part 1, part 2, and part 3. And be sure to come back next week for more Bitty Boo Halloween fun with yet another fabric collection and three unique projects!

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