A Few Houston Favorites

Today, a few photos from quilts currently exhibited in the IQA show during International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. These are all by Asian quilters.

Father’s Whistle by Chung Su Lee from Korea

And detail shots of same:

whistledetail1 A Few Houston Favorites

This piece has tremendous visual impact and interesting fabric choices.

whistledetail2 A Few Houston Favorites

This quilt is made from zillions of tiny squares and holds a nice surprise for the viewer. It’s called Time by Satoko Okamura of Japan.

tinypatches A Few Houston Favorites

And a detail shot:

tinydetail A Few Houston Favorites

The surprise is that when you get close up, you see that each patch has five tiny white cross stitches. They seem to unify the whole piece–just delightful to behold.

hexagons1 A Few Houston Favorites

This quilt of hexagons is The Endless World II by a Japanese quilter named Noriko Kido. This is not just another hexagon quilt. Her use of the prints is amazing, drawing the viewer in for a closer look.

hexdetail A Few Houston Favorites

I love it when a quilter knows how to let the fabric do some of the work. This quilt received an honorable mention in the Handmade category.

This is Spring Field by Akiko Kawata. How can dandelions be seen as a nuisance when you see this?!

dandelions A Few Houston Favorites

I especially love the leaves–so much fun!

There are lots more photos of the show to come–until I run out, and that will be awhile. See photos of all the show’s winners here.

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