A Little Time with Jemima Flendt About Weekend Quilting

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Jemima Flendt

Author of Weekend Quilting, Presenter of the Craft U Course “Foundation Paper Piecing Made Easy with Jemima Flendt

Jemima Flendt
Weekend Quilting and Foundation Paper Piecing Made Easy

I began quilting when I was 16 years old. My mum made a lot of the clothes we wore and I always collected up the scraps. With these scraps, I just began making quilts from patterns I found in magazines. As my love for quilting grew, I started taking lessons at my local patchwork shop and have loved quilting ever since.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and quilting is my full-time job. I left teaching a few years ago and now work full-time on my business, Tied with a Ribbon. I love machine piecing, mixing lots of different fabrics and techniques within one pattern. I also enjoy hand quilting. I find it relaxing and I love how perfectly imperfect each stitch is. And, I love applique and English Paper piecing.

I often find inspiration for quilts from the people around me, or the things that happen in my life. Sometimes, I have an idea spark from a drawing made by one of my daughters. Other times, I want to express my feelings in fabric and design something that represents a relationship I have with another person. There are also times I’ll be out-and-about and see a “shape” that sparks an idea. I love to make handmade treasures for the people I love most. I am also very passionate about teaching people to quilt and sew, and enjoy being with people when they quilt for the first time. Watching them grow their skill and love for quilting drives me to quilt. All these things stimulate my passion for patchwork.

JemimaFlendtBook1 A Little Time with Jemima Flendt About Weekend QuiltingWeekend Quilting came about because we all have such busy lives these days with families, work commitments and just life in general. I wanted to create a book that would celebrate and make the most of the time we do get to spend quilting. The time quilting, sewing or doing any hobby always seems like such a luxury. With the book I wanted to make the little time we have count with quilting projects that could be finished over the shorter time frame of a weekend. My hope is that making a project from the book and seeing it can be finished in a short time will inspire people to want to quilt more. Seeing a finished project is so satisfying!

My professional background is that of a Home Economics teacher, so naturally teaching is always at the core of what I want my quilting to represent. As I now teach sewing and quilting workshops my goal is to give beginner sewers, and even those who have quilted before, the “techniques” to make different blocks that inspire projects. In my Weekend Quilting book I give lots of attention to the detail of “how” to put together a quilt, which way to press and lots of tips and techniques along the way.

It took me about 8 months to write Weekend Quilting and I have to say, for the most part, that putting it together was like clockwork. I had 2 great editors who really trusted me and wanted to make sure that the book represented me. Craft University approached me about developing a course for one of the projects from Weekend Quilting. They wanted me to expand on the technique of foundation paper piecing for beginners, with simple patterns to get them started.

Although the Foundation Paper Piecing Made Easy with Jemima Flendt course has been designed for beginners, it is a great refresher class for those who may have previously learnt the technique, or would simply like to make the patterns presented in the course. I created two patterns for the course. The Sparkles Quilt is an extension of the book project. Butterfly Release is a design based on growing skills in foundation paper piecing with the making of a sweet quilt. I designed it to give quilters afraid of the technique an easier introduction to foundation paper piecing, which can be tricky to start.

With some tips and tricks up the sleeve, anyone can successfully achieve and love this quilting process

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