A Quick Quilt Label Method

A non-quilter here at work recently asked me about making quilt labels, and I showed her the basics.

She was so excited about the simplicity of it all, and I realized that QM readers might appreciate these easy techniques. So here you go: A Quick Quilt Label Method, aka how to make a quilt label.

screenshotlabel2 A Quick Quilt Label Method

First, create the label in Word. Find a font you like and enter the text, line by line. I chose to center each line and to make the names larger than the other text. Because I prefer not to waste any paper-backed pre-treated label fabric, I often put text for a generic label or two on the same page. These generic quilt labels read I made this for you, followed by my name and the year.

Print a sample onto paper and make adjustments as needed.

labelPRE A Quick Quilt Label Method

Heres one I printed on paper, but I decided I didnt like the ragged edges of this font.

Sometimes making the text bold is helpful but it depends on the font.

When you are satisfied with it, print it onto paper-backed pre-treated fabric. There are many good brands available. I have used several and I especially like EQ Printables regular cotton inkjet fabric sheets, usually available at your local quilt shop.

labels12 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Cut the quilt label you’ll be using away from the other labels. Set the generic labels aside for later use.

label2 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Center the text and cut the label to the desired size. Be sure to leave a margin of empty space around the text, plus 1/4″ on all sides for the seam allowance; I usually make my cut 5/8″ outside the text on all sides.

label4 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Cut some strips 1 1/2″ wide from coordinating or matching fabric.

label5 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Sew the strips around the label like a little border. It really doesn’t matter which ones you sew on first.

label6 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Layer the label with a piece of lining fabric, right sides together.

label71 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Square everything up to the desired size.

label8 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Join the label and lining with a quarter-inch seam all the way around, pinning as needed. Trim small triangles off the corners to reduce bulk.

label9 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Carefully cut a slit one or two inches long in the lining.

label10 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Turn the label right sides out through the slit.

label11 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Gently push out the corners with an awl or pointed tool.

label12 A Quick Quilt Label Method

Press the label flat and sew it to the quilt back with a blind stitch.

labeltitle A Quick Quilt Label Method

Easy peasy!

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