A Quilters Guide to Art Quilting Supplies and Tools – Free eBook

Art quilters use many of the same quilting tools as traditional quilters. From irons, rotary cutters, and quilting rulers to basic quilting notions like thread, pins, and needles—our sewing rooms share similar quilt supplies.

Jamie Fingal finds the best fabric scissors by trying them out on different types of fabric.

But an art quilter’s supply stash also includes paint, ink, fusible web, glue, screen-printing equipment and other fine art and mixed-media supplies.

In this eBook, A Quilters Guide to Art Quilting Supplies and Tools, we’ve assembled advice and instruction on some quilt supplies that are optimal for the art quilter.

No quilter can be without a sharp pair of fabric scissors, and in Scissors: Getting the Right Cut, Jamie Fingal describes what are, in her expert opinion, the best scissors for cutting fabric.

Fabric markers offer a fast way to add surface design to your art quilts and other fabric craft projects. Maria Elkins demonstrates how to use fabric markers in Fabric Markers Five Ways.

If one needle is good for quilting, why not try two? Diane Wright shows how to use a twin needle to add depth and artistry to your quilting.

Many art quilters swear by their secret weapon: a glue stick. Maria Elkins offers the benefits of using a Lapel Stick glue stick as a tool for art quilting.

Diane Wright demonstrates how to use a twin needle to create a decorative shadow effect.

Finally, quilt labels are a must for documentation, whether your quilt is destined for a friend’s living room or a gallery wall. In our last tutorial, Lesley Tucker Jenison shows how to Label Your Quilts with StoryPatches from stkr.it.com, an unusual, digital way to tell a quilt’s story in long form.

With A Quilters Guide to Art Quilting Supplies and Tools, you’ll be able to get more from your art quilting. Download it now!

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