A Shop Dog Gives Back

Wall hanging designed by Rose Ann Cook for Benatarex

Originally published in Easy Quilts Summer 2017, Rescue Me was that issue’s “Giving Quilt”—a quilt, that in some way, gives back.

Learn more about the Petfinder Foundation at www.petfinder.com and befriend Joey the Shop Dog on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/joeytheshopdog

Learn more about the Petfinder Foundation and befriend Joey the Shop Dog on Facebook.

Rose Ann Cook, fabric designer and proprietor of Quilter’s Emporium in Stafford, Texas, hesitates when describing Joey as a “hard luck case,” although he certainly did have a rough start. Found as a stray puppy, he was taken to a nearby shelter. His eye was removed—no records exist indicating what the problem may have been—and his first weeks with Rose Ann were touch-and-go with illness. Joey even had to have all but one of his teeth removed. (“Yet he still manages to eat everything in sight … ”)

A “malti-poo” with one eye, one tooth, and a little pink tongue that hangs out to one side, Joey has become a star in the local quilting community, charming everyone who drops by the store. He even has his own Facebook page, and regularly “writes” articles in the shop’s newsletter about other area dogs that need homes.

“He has a little throne in the back of the shop,” Rose Ann says. “And when people come in, the first thing they ask is ‘Where’s Joey?’ ”

When presenting fabric designs to Benartex, Rose Ann was flipping through her iPad and paused on a picture of Joey. “One of these days, we need to do a fabric line of Joey,” she said. “He’s just the biggest thing ever.”

She told them Joey’s story, and how a seemingly unadoptable dog has become their joy, both at home and in the shop. She believes Joey knows that he was rescued.

Wall hanging designed by Rose Ann Cook for Benatarex.

Wall hanging designed by Rose Ann Cook for Benatarex.

Benartex immediately agreed that this line had to happen. They fast-tracked it, getting it from pitch meeting to design to warehouse in just six months, a process that normally takes well over a year.

There was never a question that this line had to give back, so both Benartex and Rose Ann agreed to donate 10% of proceeds from the Joey the Shop Dog line to Petfinder Foundation.

Petfinder Foundation, with its mission to help ensure no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home, was the ideal candidate. It’s a national organization with a 4-star charity rating, and more than 90% of its proceeds go directly to its programs and services, such as aiding adoption groups during times of disaster and providing emergency medical grants. In short, it’s a foundation made for hard luck cases, like Joey.

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