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I recently have been able to set up a dedicated sewing space. You have no idea how excited I am. Or maybe you do! It’s still in the very beginning stages, but I’ve got my sewing machine, cutting area, ironing board and several storage areas already set up. It’s not perfect (yet), but it’s organized enough that I can work effectively, leave my project out without it being in the way, and come back and pick up where I left off. Something I’ve always wanted.

I didn’t have many of these options in my old space, and one of the things that really used to frustrate me was planning a layout for a large quilt. I could lay the blocks out on my bed or on the floor, but the vantage point was never ideal. I couldn’t ever look at a piece head-on until it was finished, which kind of defeats the whole design and layout part of the process. Unless all the colors and fabrics in the blocks are exactly the same (mine never are), they need to be arranged and rearranged till the composition makes me happy.

So, I need a design wall.

I have the fabrics and a great idea for them, but I’ll want to see everything before I sew it together, so I need a design wall NOW.

Thank goodness for common household objects! My solution is not permanent, nor perfect, but extremely simple, effective, cheap and easily removable when I decide on a forever design wall. I thought I’d share because it could work very well for those with limited space and budgets.

Easiest design wall ever!

That’s it! All you need is some hooks, some hangers and a flannel sheet. I already had those reusable plastic hooks (If you’ve never tried them, they come in very handy!) and of course I had the hangers too. I bought an inexpensive white flannel sheet and I was done!

Sure, it’s not perfectly flat, but that doesn’t affect the way it grips the fabric patches. And you can see the line where I folded the sheet over, but once all my fabrics are arranged on it, that disappears. I can pin my pieces on if they get too big or heavy, and they will stay put if I need to fold up the wall and hang it somewhere out of the way. Convenient and versatile!

So there you have it. Cheap, cheery and couldn’t be easier. If you decide you want to recreate this, make sure that you position your reusable hooks at least 1″ down from the ceiling so you can easily remove them when the time comes.

design wall detail A very merry, temporary design wall

Position your hooks just below the ceiling so you can remove them if you need to.

My quilt top is coming along very nicely, but I’ll wait to share that until it’s done. The wall has been so useful to decide on my color arrangement, and I’m really glad I thought of this temporary solution. Now I just need to decide what my permanent design wall will be like! Any suggestions? What do you love (or not love) about your design wall?

Since a few of you may go and make your temporary design wall this weekend, you’ll want some fabric to place on it. Why not enter our fabric giveaway? A bunch of fat quarters would look so pretty spread out on that empty space!

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