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Accurate Printing of PDF files

When you print templates or foundations for quilting, it’s important that they’re the correct size. Learn how to ensure that your patterns print correctly in this easy, detailed tutorial.

Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader by double-clicking on it.



On the menu bar (it runs along the top of the screen) click “File” to see a dropdown menu. From the drop down menu, select “Print” (circled in red below).




The Print dialogue box will appear, as shown below. On the left side, find “Page Scaling” (circled in red below, left). Click on the up/down arrows at the right end of the Page Scaling bar to see the options. Page Scaling must be set to “None.” Click “None” to select it. (Just for your information: Page Scaling is often set to “Fit to Printable Area” or “Shrink to Printable Area.” You do not want either of these options. In the example below, you can see that having “Shrink to Printable Area” selected results in a document only 93% of its original size [see red circle on the right].)





In the example below, you can see that when Page Scaling is set to “None,” the document will print at 100% of its original size.






Once you have printed the page, be certain it’s the correct size by measuring the 2″ line. If it is not 2″ long, the page has not printed correctly. If it is 2″ long, everything will be the correct size.




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