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China Cupboard Wall Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

If you’re interested in learning how to appliqué quilts, what are you waiting for?

There are so many ways to learn this timeless technique—you can read a book, watch a video, or even take a class.

If reading is your preferred method of learning, the Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop is just the book for you. Kevin Kosbab explains the basics along with raw-edge appliqué, prepared-edge appliqué, and needle-turn appliqué. Each technique has its own chapter which includes how-to information along with the tools and supplies you’ll need to get started. Plus, each style of appliqué includes several contemporary quilting projects you can take out for a spin as you learn and hone your newfound skills.

Another great way to learn something new is to watch a video or two. When I’m just starting to take up a new technique I enjoy learning from as many teachers as I can. The way I see it, every artist has his or her own helpful hints and techniques, and I want to collect those tips.

All Seasons Pillows by Kevin Kosbab

Since we live in the age of the internet and online videos, it’s a cinch to watch and learn from a variety of traditional and modern quilters. YouTube is great, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a high quality video of exactly what you want to learn. My first stop when hunting for new quilting information is always QNNtv.  You can instantly stream anything from their vast catalog of videos. With over 180 short videos about appliqué to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one for your learning style. If you don’t have or don’t want a subscription to QNNtv there are a ton of free videos you can watch by simply creating a username and password.

Taking classes is arguably the best way to learn or master a new technique. The struggle for many of us is finding a class that’s compatible with our location, time, and/or budget. Online courses are a great solution to all of these problems. Starting on May 16th there’s an appliqué course on our sister site Craft Online University that looks really promising!

Eccentric Concentrics Wall Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

In the six week course quilter and fabric designer Lynne Hagmeier shares patchwork shortcuts and raw-edge appliqué techniques. I’ll be honest, the fabrics used and some of the projects aren’t my style. But by learning on my own time, in my own home, and using my supplies, I can choose whatever fabric I want. I can use these techniques in future projects that are my style. Plus, by taking the online course instead of just watching the videos, I can contact Lynne with any questions or problems I encounter. Isn’t that the best reason to go to a class?

Appliqué is for every quilter, whether you prefer a more modern or traditional look. If appliqué is on your list of techniques to learn, give it a try! You’ll be amazed at the infinite possibilities it will unlock for your future quilting projects.

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