Adding a Hanging Sleeve | Lessons

from Vintage Quilts Fall 2000 Issue

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1. Cut a 10-wide strip of washed muslin or cotton fabric, making it 1 shorter than top edge of quilt.

2. Turn under and press 1/2 at each short end, then turn and press again (Diagram I). Stitch in place.

With wrong sides together, stitch long edges together 1/4 from raw edges (Diagram II).

Adding a Hanging Sleeve to a Quilt

Press seam open and center it in the tube you’ve created (Diagram III).

Adding a Hanging Sleeve to a Quilt

4. Slipstitch the top edge of the tube to the quilt backing about 1 below the inner edge of the binding (Diagram IV).

Adding a Hanging Sleeve to a Quilt

Pin lower edge of sleeve to backing, placing pins 1/4 from lower edge. Turn the folded sleeve edge up and slipstitch sleeve to quilt backing, catching only the lower layer of sleeve (Diagram IV). This allows for a little slack so the sleeve takes the weight of hanging, not the quilt. Make sure that the stitches go through only the backing fabricthey should not be visible on the quilt surface.

Slip a rod or strip of lath through sleeve and hang in desired location on nails or decorative brackets.

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